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Season's Greetings Circle Network! 
We are truly thankful for the work you do supporting parents and protecting children.  We wish everyone a very happy holiday season. We realize this season can be challenging for parents and caregivers.  Here are some tips for coping with holiday stress. 

Holiday Stress
Holiday times are stressful for everyone, including children. Kids may respond to stress by acting up, or they may just withdraw for a while. Here are some suggestions to help calm them down and keep them happy through the holiday season.
  1. Try to take the hype out of holidays. Talk to your children about the true meaning of the holiday season. This will vary, depending on your faith and heritage. Get them to help you find ways to simplify the season.
  2. Help them decide in advance who they might want to give gifts and if so, what they can buy and how much to spend. Or even better, help them make homemade gifts for family and friends.
  3. De-emphasize television. Much holiday programming seems to be designed to get children all worked up about the holidays. Try to mute or turn off the commercials, and be selective about your family's holiday viewing.
  4. Emphasize family traditions, or create new ones just for your kids. Routines and rituals are comforting to most children and help to create lasting, happy holiday memories.
  5. Stick to your normal family routine as much as possible. It's often hard to take time out of busy holiday preparations, but a walk, a trip to a playground or play area, or whatever else you usually do with your kids each day can be a great stress reducer.
  6. Keep travel to a minimum. A single-destination visit to grandparents in another town may not cause major stress, but a long winter road trip to visit everyone in the extended family may be a nightmare.

Include your children in holiday planning sessions, and let them know the final details well in advance. This will give them a chance to prepare themselves emotionally for the visits, dinners and other running around of the season.
Pinwheels for Prevention it is a national campaign, highlighted during the month of April, designed to raise awareness by supporting community activities and events that promote ideas, programs and policies that prioritize healthy child development and support parents and families. 

We have partnered again this year with the Florida Trucking Association (FTA) to attend your local events and bring along our rolling 90 foot billboard. Prevent Child Abuse Florida and FTA  look forward to working together during the 2019 Pinwheels for Prevention campaign.

For those who have selected the date for your 2019 Pinwheels for Prevention event and would like to schedule a stop on the Pinwheels for Prevention truck tour, please contact Chris Lolley at or call 850-933-3271 to secure your date. Unfortunately, we no longer have weekend dates available but we’d love to attend your event during the weekday or evening.

Pinwheel ordering season is here!  To purchase pinwheels please visit  
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