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Nydia and baby Christian
Nydia Ntouda and baby Christian. Christian was born September 17, 2018.
I can hardly believe it! The first quarter of 2019 has already come to an end! It’s great to be back from maternity leave and here at Circle of Parents (CoP) we have hit the ground running!

This quarter we had the opportunity to engage with our community through multiple conferences and events.  In January, CoP collaborated with stakeholders in school districts statewide at the Florida Healthy School District Symposium in Orlando. In February, expectant moms and families learned more about their local CoP support groups at the Baby and Family Fair in Tallahassee. We also attended the Instilling Hope Conference and Children’s Week at the Capitol.

I encourage you to participate in local conferences and family events to engage with your local community. Let me know how I can support you in doing so.

This quarter we also had our first statewide conference call and held refresher training for Healthy Families Miami and Grandparents as Parents. We also added a NEW group in Port Charlotte as part of a collaborative with Kids Thrive, Drug Free Charlotte, Early Learning Coalition of Florida's Heartland, Charlotte Healthy Start Coalition and Healthy Families Charlotte. Phew!

Child Abuse Prevention Month is now in full swing! 
See you next quarter!

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