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Sulphur Springs Neighborhood of Promise
Earns Florida Children's Initiative Designation
The Ounce of Prevention Fund of Florida named the Sulphur Springs Neighborhood of Promise in Tampa a Florida Children's Initiative. The designation indicates the area has been recognized as severely disadvantaged and provides guidance for coordinating programs to address the critical needs of children and their families while directing efforts to rebuild the basic infrastructure of the communities.
Miami's Overtown Children and Youth Coalition also received the Florida Children's Initiative designation, joining Paramore Kidz Zone in Orlando, New Town Success Zone in Jacksonville and the Miami Children's Initiative in Miami, which were named in previous years. All five communities are guided by the successful principles employed by the internationally renowned Harlem Children's Zone.
"Children's Initiatives ensure community partners work together to help children thrive," said Douglas Sessions Jr., President and CEO of the Ounce of Prevention Fund of Florida. "We are pleased to designate Sulphur Springs Neighborhood of Promise a Florida Children's Initiative. We are confident that families in Sulphur Springs will greatly benefit from the focused efforts to improve outcomes for the children living there."
Tampa's Sulphur Springs community was identified as an area where children and families faced extreme levels of poverty, crime, teen pregnancy and low academic achievement. A coalition of government, nonprofit organizations and community residents created the Sulphur Springs Neighborhood of Promise. The coalition has invested government and private funding into positive programming for residents and children that has shown impactful gains regarding the social and economic challenges of the Sulphur Springs community.
"The Sulphur Springs Neighborhood of Promise (SSNOP) is honored to be designated as a Florida Children's Initiative zone by the Ounce of Prevention Fund of Florida. The SSNOP utilizes multiple partners to implement the cradle to college model that is intended to improve education and eradicate generational poverty," said Sheff Crowder, Board Chair of the Sulphur Springs Neighborhood of Promise.
In 2008, the Florida Legislature assigned the Ounce of Prevention Fund of Florida the responsibility for reviewing and approving requests from local municipalities and/or counties to obtain a Children's Initiativedesignation. Section 409.147, Florida Statutes encourages state and community partners to provide the necessary means and resources to assist disadvantaged areas in creating a community-based service network that develops, coordinates, and provides quality education, accessible health care, youth development programs, opportunities for employment, and safe and affordable housing for children and families living within its boundaries.
For more information about Florida Children's Initiatives, visit http://www.ounce.org/childrens_initiatives.asp.