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Monthly Update October 2009
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Changing the Odds: Learning from the Harlem Children's Zone Model
Harlem Children's ZoneŽ (HCZ) and PolicyLink are proud to announce Changing the Odds: Learning from the Harlem Children's Zone Model, a two-day conference on November 9-10, 2009 in New York City. More than 1,000 leaders from non-profit, community, government, and philanthropic organizations will participate, with a focus on how to transform their communities by replicating the innovative HCZ model.
For more information, click here.

 A draft of the Community Strategic Plan to be implemented by the Miami Children's Initiative was presented at two public meetings last month. During these meetings, each community workgroup presented specific strategies and recommendations for addressing the following community-identified priorities:
  • Parenting education and support for parents and caregivers
  • Parent and child engagement in stimulating educational environments from pre-school through completion of high school
  • Early and adequate healthcare from preconception through adulthood
  • Community safety and restorative justice for youth
  • Economic resources and affordable housing
  • Technical assistance and training to increase capacity of community organizations to provide evidence-based services for children and families  
To view a PDF document detailing all of the strategies and recommendations developed by the community workgroups for incorporation in to the Community Strategic Plan, click here.
If you are a Liberty City resident, or if you operate a business or community organization in the Liberty City community, and you would like to comment on the proposed strategies and recommendations presented in the PDF document, you can e-mail your comments to me at

Winifred P. Heggins, MSW
Vice President & Director of Programs
The Ounce of Prevention Fund of Florida
Liberty City Delegation to Attend Practitioners Institute in Harlem
The Miami Children's Initiative is a community enhancement project modeled after the nationally recognized Harlem Children's Zone.
A group of Liberty City residents and  community leaders will travel to Harlem for a Practitioners Institute  October 19-24. The Practitioners Institute will educate participants on the Harlem Children's Zone model and help them understand how the model can be adapted to meet the needs of the Liberty City community. This Practitioners Institute is an important step in preparation for implementing the Community Strategic Plan. 
The following individuals are members of the delegation from Liberty City who will participate in the Practitioners Institute:
  • Regina Davis, Resident and community nurse; employed by Humana
  • Eric Thompson, Resident and Director of the Liberty Square Community Center
  • Rev. Charles Dinkins, Resident, Pastor and chair of Faith Based workgroup
  • Rev. Nathaniel Wilcox, Vice President of P.U.L.S.E.
  • Wilbert T. Holloway, former resident and School Board Member
  • Cheryl Parker, Resident and member of the Community Safety workgroup 
  • Suzette Frazier, DCF staff, member of the Early Development and Care of Children workgroup
  • Morris Copeland, Miami-Dade County staff
  • Fabian Thurston, Jessie Trice Community Health Center staff
  • Thamara LaBrousse, Strategic Partners
  • Irene Taylor Wooten, Miami-Dade County Lead Contact