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Monthly Update November 2009
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Thanks to the dedication and involvement of the residents and community leaders in Liberty City, the Miami Children's Initiative (MCI) has made substantial progress. I am pleased to report that the draft MCI Community Strategic Plan is complete. The Miami-Dade County Board of Commissioners must review and approve the draft plan for it to become final. The final plan will become the foundation for the development of MCI's 10-year business plan.
The MCI project steering committee will meet on December 12th to develop the action steps and timeline for the next six months. Some tasks that are expected to be completed before the end of this fiscal year include: development of a selection protocol for board members, incorporation of MCI as a 501(c)3, design MCI agency staffing composition and development of the 10-year business plan.
Finally, a targeted media campaign will be launched in Liberty City in January 2010.  The purpose of the campaign is to educate the community on the Miami Children's Initiative and encourage all residents, businesses and organizations to rally together as we design a system of service delivery that enhances the strength of this historic community.

Winifred P. Heggins, MSW
Vice President & Director of Programs
The Ounce of Prevention Fund of Florida
Orlando's Parramore Kidz Zone to Receive Designation as Children's Initiative  
The City of Orlando requested that The Ounce of Prevention Fund of Florida designate the Parramore Heritage Community as a Children's Initiative pursuant to Section 409.147 Florida Statute. The city submitted an application documenting fulfillment of all statutory requirements and will be awarded the designation of a Children's Initiative during the Orlando City Council meeting to be held December 7.
In the News
Federal Funding for Replication of Harlem Children's Zone
The Chronicle of Philanthropy cites $10 million in the federal budget for planning grants for communities to begin to replicate the Harlem Children's Zone Project across the country.
Harlem Children's Zone is one of the most lauded - and emulated - charities in the country. Nonprofit groups and government agencies regularly send emissaries to Harlem to study the organization's acclaimed poverty-fighting strategy, which involves providing a comprehensive set of educational, medical, and social services to children and their parents in a designated neighborhood.
Now the spotlight is set to shine even brighter. President Obama, who has been praising the Harlem charity since he announced his presidential bid, is working to export the group's approach to other parts of the country. He has proposed spending $10-million in the 2010 fiscal year on planning grants to help nonprofit groups create what he calls "Promise Neighborhoods" in 20 cities - a budget request that is now working its way through Congress.

To read the article that appeared in the Chronicle of Philanthrophy, click here.
Miami Children's Initiative Tours Harlem Children's Zone
A delegation from the Miami Children's Initiative toured several HCZ network programs including Baby College, Harlem Gems, Universal Pre-Kindergarten, Peacemakers HCZ elementary school, Promise Academy, Peacemakers Middle School, HCZ community center, TRUCE Fitness/Nutrition center and the HCZ TRUCE Media Arts program.

"We also met with HCZ staff from fiscal management, fundraising, evaluation, accountability and program management," said Winifred Heggins, vice president and director of program administration for the Ounce of Prevention Fund of Florida, the fiscal agent for the Miami Children's Initiative.
Irene Taylor-Wooten, who is leading this effort for Miami-Dade County, said that participating in the Harlem workshop was an essential step in forming and implementing the Community Strategic plan that will ultimately be used to create the 10-year business plan for the Miami program. 

Read the full article as it appreared in the
South Florida Times.

Founder of Harlem Children's Zone Named 2010 Winner of Brock International Prize in Education
Geoffrey Canada, founder of the Harlem Children's Zone, has been named the 2010 recipient of the Brock International Prize in Education. The award is given annually to recognize an individual for innovative and effective ideas in education resulting in a significant impact on the practice or understanding of the field of education.
Since 1990, Canada has been president and chief executive officer for Harlem Children's Zone (HCZ) which the New York Times Magazine called, "One of the most ambitious social experiments of our time." Under his leadership, HCZ has committed to doing "whatever it takes" to build an infrastructure of support and structure around the children who live in this blighted area so they can benefit from a quality education.
HCZ serves 10,000 children from poverty at 20 sites within 100 blocks, combining education, social and medical services. Three separate programs comprise HCZ. Baby College is parent education designed in collaboration with noted pediatrician T. Berry Brazelton. Harlem Gems focuses on all-day preschool education while Promise Academy serves children age kindergarten through 12th grade.

To read more, click here.