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Order Pinwheels and Other Resources

PCAF Resources and Printed Materials

Offering Pinwheels for Prevention campaign resources and printed materials focused on healthy child development and important safety topics.


If you provide social services directly to children and families, you may be entitled to a discount on your purchase of pinwheels. Please call Nydia Ntouda at 850-921-4494, extension 202, to obtain your discount code.

blue and silver pinwheels

The pinwheels are blue and silver and measure 12" in height with a 7" diameter and are affixed to a blue stem. The pinwheels are intended for display purposes only. WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD—Small parts. Not recommended for children under 3 years.

(boxes) - Minimum Order 1 box (240 pinwheels) $250.00 per box
pinwheel lapel pin

The lapel pins are 1-3/8" in height, made from Zinc alloy die casting with enamel, have butterfly clasps and come in individual poly bags.

(pins) - Minimum Order 10 lapel pins $3.50 per pin
Micro Pinwheel Garden

Microgarden Pinwheel Pack

Now small businesses and individuals can champion healthy, happy childhoods by planting a pinwheel garden. This kit includes one yard sign and 25 blue and silver pinwheels, bringing the cause to even the smallest office suite or home. Buy now to support the Campaign for Great Childhoods during Child Abuse Prevention Month. (Limited quantities available. Expected to ship in March.)

(packs) $49.99
Create a Loving Bond brochure

Creating a Loving Bond with Your Baby Brochure

The bond between parent and child is one of the strongest connections in nature. Whether you’re a biological mom or dad, an adoptive parent or a stepparent, it is important for your child to form a strong bond with you.


Safe Sleep Guide

Better Sleep for You and Your Baby Tip Sheet

As with evey new skill your baby learns, falling asleep in a crib may take practice.


blue bear

"I Support Prevent Child Abuse Florida" sitting blue plush bears are 6 ½" tall. They sport a multi-colored pinwheel tucked in a blue bow and a Prevent Child Abuse Florida identity tag.

(individual) $5.00 per bear

(boxes) - Minimum Order 1 box (6 bears) $25.00 per box
Bathtime Safety Magnet

Bathtime Safety Magnet (4" x 4") – These eye-catching 4" x 4" magnets share simple, memorable bath safety tips for parents of babies and young children. Urge parents to place them on the refrigerator or a magnetic location near the bathtub where it will be seen often.

yard sign

Yard Sign

(signs) $25.00 per sign
Pinwheel Magnet

Pinwheel Magnet

Show your commitment to ensuring all children have the great childhoods they deserve with one of these Pinwheels for Prevention magnets! It’s perfect to display on your car during Child Abuse Prevention Month, put on the office refrigerator or decorate your filing cabinet. (Measures 5.5 inches.)

Safe Sleep for Your Baby Brochure

Safe Sleep for Your Baby Brochure

A Safety Checklist for Parents & Caregivers

A Safety Checklist for Parents and Caregivers

Coping with Crying and Safe Sleep Rack Card

Coping with Crying and Safe Sleep Rack Card

This rack card features highlights from our Coping with Crying flyer on one side and safe sleep tips on the other.

Sleep Talker

Sleep Talker Posters are poster size graphics designed for use on walls or any flat surface to promote Safe Sleep practices.

Quantity (Maximum available 10)